This is a list of recommended books about highwaymen,  outlaws and related topics, many of which were used in compiling this site.

Out of print titles  can often be found on second-hand book websites such as Those titles with a link are available either new or used from As an Amazon Affiliate,  I get a tiny commission on book sales made through this site – which all helps towards the website hosting fees!


Ash, Russell: Highwaymen (Discovering) . Shire Publications, 1994

Billett, Michael: Highwaymen and Outlaws . Arms and Armour Press, 1997

Brandon, David: Stand and Deliver!: A History of Highway Robbery . Alan Sutton, 2001

Brandon, David: London: The Executioner’s City . Sutton Publishing Ltd, 2007

Brooke, Alan & Brandon, David: Tyburn: London’s Fatal Tree . Sutton Publishing Ltd, 2005

Dunford, Stephen: Irish Highwaymen . Merlin Publishing, 2000

Evans, Hilary & Mary: Hero on a Stolen Horse. Muller , 1977

Gatrell, V. A. C. [Vic]: The Hanging Tree: Execution and the English People, 1770-1868 . Oxford, 1996

Haining, Peter: The English Highwayman. A Legend Unmasked. Robert Hale, 1991

Halliday, Stephen: Newgate: London’s Prototype of Hell . Sutton Publishing Ltd, 2006

Harper, Charles George: Highwaymen of England. EP, 1974

Haslam, David: Ghosts and Legends of Nottinghamshire . Countryside Books, 1996

Linebaugh, Peter: The London Hanged: Crime and Civil Society in the Eighteenth Century . Verso Books, 2006

Maxwell, Gordon S.: Highwayman’s Heath. Thomason’s, 1935

Newark, Peter: The Crimson Book of Highwaymen. Jupiter Books, 1979

Pringle, Patrick: Stand and Deliver. The Story of the Highwaymen. Museum Press, 1951

Sharpe, James: Dick Turpin: The Myth of the English Highwayman . Profile Books, 2004

Spraggs, Gillian: Outlaws and Highwaymen: The Cult of the Robber in England from the Middle Ages to the 19th Century . Pimlico, 2001